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Healing Scriptures

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Tap into the strength and power of your subconscious mind with the 741Hz Detox Your Body healing music that is tuned to purge your body of anything detrimental to your health and soul.

Negative attitudes and feelings of any kind like hopelessness, helplessness, jealousy, or anger can cause a state of chronic stress, which can upset brain chemicals and even damage your immune system! This life-saving album has frequencies for healing the whole body, including the minutest details by changing the formation of water molecules in each cell, which leads to tissue regeneration.

Kicking off with the throat chakra, the vibrations gradually penetrate through your entire being, leaving you refreshed, energized and basking in positivity. With five incredible tracks, each being an hour long, this album is powerful enough to cleanse your cells from viral, bacterial and fungal infections while you relax and embrace the music.

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