The Story that Shaped the Brand - Healing Waves

It was 8:00 AM, we stayed in a second-floor room at Malapascua island, “Sefy, wake up; there are strong winds outside,” My friend said. I opened my eyes; my conscious mind was still half asleep; I could feel the blanket giving me back the heat my body gave her through the night; my friend words had a heavyweight on them; we have waited for this day for 3 days now, we have stayed on the island for 6 days till this morning. It was a peaceful and beautiful island, and every sunset had its own unique colors; it was like every day a new assistant blended the painter's colors.

It's not hard to fall in love with the Philippines; its beautiful islands give you what every soul walking the hero's journey needs, the balance between adventure and the peaceful time to integrate it; in front of us laid the biggest adventure so far.

Carl Jung once said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious,” duality is a law of the universe; if we look with opened eyes, we could see the manifestation of this law, in every aspect of nature. Her name was Super Typhoon Yolanda. She was one of the most powerful tropical cyclones our current civilization has ever recorded. 6300 people were killed in the Philippines alone; she destroyed and floated every place she touched. In the news, they guessed that the typhoon would hit the Philippines at 10 PM, but nature had different plans. It started right after I woke up at 8 AM and lasted for two hours.

Every door needs a key, and the door to the underworld may be opened by fear; I remember moments where nothing left but the fear, I was deep in the cave, and I couldn't see the light anymore; I was sure I'm about to die. At the peak of the storm, my legs as the furniture in the room float in half a meter of water, we had a thin plaster ceiling separating us from the horror of heaven, I stood by the window looking outside, the wind gallop in 300 Mph moving in speed my eyes couldn't really comprehend, I could feel the fear paralyzing my body, part by part, until I couldn't move anymore, I felt that deep state of trance taking over, with three thoughts looping as a broken record, “I'm going to die”, “I'm going to die in the Philippines” and “I haven't said goodbye to my family”, from a brain point of view, reality is an ever running stream of information, it doesn't matter to him if the information comes from the outside world or the inside, reality is whatever happening right now, and right now my brain reality is the acceptance of death, but from a biological creature point of view, shaped by few miilion years of evolution towards surviving, its not an easy task to accept death, for him its just matter of turning on the fight or flight response, raising the brainwaves frequencies into gamma waves, and waking up the soul that occopies him.

Awake, my friend and I found our way to a safe place; we stayed there until the storm left us behind and moved to the next souls on her journey.

To seed a new path in a human mind, you first have to uproot the weeds occupying the space; to embrace the new, you have to kill the old; that day, a part of me died.

I walked the island, my eyes wide opened absorbing every information in shock; I felt a sense of surrealism, my conscious mind couldn't rationally explain anything; I have never seen so much destruction; it was as if the darkness in itself paid a visit to the island, “they will not have electricity, internet, clean water, or food at hand” I thought, “all their material world was broken to the ground.”

I passed by a lady sitting on the floor, at the entrance of what was her store, but now was just a pile of metal plates, at that moment the land was in its most fertilize stage ready to take the seed in, she looked at me with compassionate eyes, her lips were smiling, I stared back at her eyes, a tear ran down my cheek, “how can she smile?” I asked myself, I immediately got an answer to my question “family is the most powerful value there is,” at that moment, she looked at me like a mother, a sister, like I was her family, at the moment I saw it, we are all family, we are all brothers and sisters.

Healing Waves was born deep in my subconscious mind; it took me years to understand and shape the vision of what exactly Healing Waves is, and with your help, we will keep shaping that vision in years to come.

So what is Healing Waves?

Healing Waves understands that we are all one big family, we all suffer, and we all overcome suffering. We can do it the hard way, each soul on its own, or we can do it the easy way, as one big family, one big community helping each outer on the journey of life.

Thank you for taking this journey with us !!
May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May all beings rejoice in the well-being of others.
May all beings live in peace, free from greed and hatred.