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Binaural Beats - The Holy Grail Of Self Improvement

This article introduces you to the technology of Binaural Beats.

What are Binaural Beats? 

Binaural Beats are specific frequencies that can bring you into a profoundly deep state of meditation within minutes by using the latest innovations in sound technology.

How do Binaural Beats work?

A specific audio mixing technique is used to create specific sounds that alter the listener's brain wave activity. The individual will experience the best results in a quiet environment while sitting or lying down. It is also recommended to wear headphones. Under the correct environment, the individual will experience the effects of the Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave patterns that the Binaural Beats create.

Why should I listen to Binaural Beats? 

When brainwave patterns change it has been documented that there is also a change in chemical reactions within the body which can have a profound effect on your entire physical structure. In effect, these beats have the same impact and benefits of a deep meditative state akin to hypnologic trance or transcendental meditation. Typically, very few people are ever able to enter such deep states of hypnosis and transcendental meditation. Generally, it takes a lifetime to perfect. Binaural Beats allows you to enter this state with comparative ease. 

An added benefit of using such technology is that the states it creates allow you to access the subconscious parts of the mind. Those parts that are subliminal and just below the conscious threshold. Binaural beats can be used with many other self-improvement tools (such as subliminal recordings, affirmations or visualization, etc.) to increase your personal development dramatically as it creates deep states of relaxation and can put you into Alpha and Theta states. Therefore they can be used as an aid to alter beliefs, heal emotional issues or create behavior changes.

It is believed that by using binaural beats you can:

1. Create deep states of meditation.
2. Boost your intelligence and creativity.
3. Slow down aging.
4. Create remarkable emotional changes at a very deep level.
5. Eliminate stress & anxiety.

The beauty of binaural beats is that they can be used to induce these states and create these changes with no effort on the part of the listener. You just wear a set of headphones and let the sound technology do the rest.

The Discovery of Binaural Beats

The discovery of binaural technology is mostly accredited to Dr. Gerald Oster. Oster first published research about binaural beats in 1973 in Scientific American after he had conducted extensive studies.

Binaural beats was actually first discovered before 1839 by Associate Professor,  Heinrich Wilhelm Dove of the University of Berlin. Dove accidentally discovered that when two similar sounds, slightly shifted in frequency, are played separately in the left and right ear, cause a pulsation or beat type effect within the brain.

However, it was Dr. Oster who uncovered the full benefits of this new technology when he discovered the effects that binaural beats have on the mind and body.

What To Expect When Listening To Binaural Beats

There are many producers of binaural beat technology competing in the market today. You can also create your own binaural beats, as long as you have the proper software. It is advisable to first learn about brainwave patterns and their effects on the brain before attempting to create your own binaural beats.

There are many forums that claim binaural beats have had a negative or even damaging effect on certain listeners. For that reason, I believe it is safer to stick to the tried and tested pre-made recordings that are available for a reasonable fee. You can purchase separate binaural beat recordings to induce almost any emotional state or you can even enroll in a binaural beat program for self-improvement that takes several years to complete.

I personally have not experienced any of the damaging effects from the use of binaural beats. However, if you are using binaural beats for personal development purposes you may experience uncomfortable feelings. All my experiences have been extremely positive, although not always pleasurable. Let me explain.

In the past, studies have been conducted with EEG machines to monitor brain activity of life-long meditators. While in a deep meditative state, these meditational experts, displayed alpha, theta and delta brainwave patterns, which are the same states that binaural beats create.

Alpha wave patterns in the brain occur in a relaxed state and during this time we are very susceptible to suggestion. This is the state that you enter during hypnosis.

Theta brainwaves allow for the absorption of huge amounts of information while Delta brainwaves are most apparent when you enter a state of deep but dreamless sleep. It is the Delta state that is the main aim of such practices as transcendental meditation. Although for many entering the delta state while fully conscious can be very relaxing, for most it is not. Either way, it is during such states that internal change occurs.

By bringing the listener into this extremely deep state of meditation, binaural technology can activate major positive changes in your emotional, mental and physical make-up. Now, this can be a profoundly life-altering experience. You will find past buried memories resurface as the beats direct your brain to restructure its neural network and raise your "comfort level" to a new high. After several listening sessions, you find yourself less stressed out than before and your reaction to situations, that in the past would have sent you screaming round the halls, much more composed. The technology literally eliminates negative emotional, mental and physical patterns.

The discomfort I spoke of earlier comes from the restructuring of your brain’s neural network as old buried uncomfortable memories are triggered in the brain before the connecting emotional response is wiped away. You are still left with the memory of the event but you no longer have any emotional attachment to it. Don’t worry, for some reason, it doesn’t affect positive memories! It may be due to the natural state of the mind and body, which is always seeking equilibrium and harmony, inevitably leading to feelings of joy and happiness.

Binaural beats is a proven technology that can create brainwave changes which alter your mood and changes the chemical reactions in your body to encourage faster healing and harmonious interaction between cells.

Continued Research in Binaural Beats

There is currently research being conducted to determine if these beats can actually direct the brain to reformat DNA encoding. If the research finds this to be true, then Binaural Beats will have the potential to decrease illnesses, genetic disorders, and possibly reverse aging.

How to Get Started with Binaural Beats

If your interest in Binaural Beats lies outside the realm of personal development and self-improvement, then the single recordings designed to induce specific mind/body changes is a a great place to start. You can access recordings for specific purposes, such as: energy boost, meditationsparking creative areas of the brain, inducing deep sleep, balancing your chakras, and even recordings that act like a digital drug!

The effects will happen effortlessly. All you need is a pair of stereo headphones, and a comfortable seat. The recording will do the rest.

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