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Healing Waves

Solar Plexus - Will Power

Solar Plexus - Will Power

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Striking a balance in everything helps you lead a contented and happy life, ensures your growth as an individual, and secures your mental peace. Let this 7 chakra meditation music guide you in achieving the perfect balance through deep sleep, relaxation, and stress relief.

Starting with the Muladhara (root) and working your way up to Sahasrara (crown), allow yourself to be engulfed in these restful tunes that will open any slow or blocked chakras and fill you with energy from the cosmos to regenerate them.

Designed to change your brainwaves into alpha waves, your mind and body receive rest as you delve deeper into your meditation. With seven tracks for each chakra, you get to focus on your specific areas of concern and become more in tune with your energy cycles!
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