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741 Hz Frequency - The Viral Cell Cleanse

Viral panic

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is quite literally taking the world by complete surprise in how quickly it is spreading across all four continents and indeed how easily it has brought whole countries grinding to a halt. It is not just peoples health and lives at stake, it is having a direct impact on whole economies, with panic buying and mass paranoia as countries go into lock-down and whole populations go into self-isolation at home in order to recover from symptoms or wait out the worst impact of the disease. 

Science of the disease

So what is the science and our understanding of this latest threat to our health and the world economy? According to the World Health Organization, Coronavirus was discovered in 2019 in China and common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In the most severe cases, the infection has been known to cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and death. So far though the most severe cases have been among people with pre-existing respiratory symptoms such as asthma, which have become worsened by this flu-like disease.

It is the cold or flu-like symptoms that make this disease all the more difficult to diagnose. Essentially though Coronavirus attacks the body on a cellular level, the particles have spiked proteins that help them attach to cell membranes which is what enables this virus to enter our human cells. According to infectious disease specialists, the virus cells hijack and confuse our body's cells into helping create more virus cells and spread the disease throughout the body.

The respiratory system is just one of the main areas it has been known to affect, especially for anyone with respiratory illness of any kind. However, it has the potential to cause problems with the blood and any other major organs of the body, especially where there is a history of pre-existing health problems. 

Action to be taken

Although scientific researchers are working around the clock all over the world to better understand and vaccinate against this disease, a possible vaccine is still at least a year away yet. In the meantime the standard advice from the World Health Organization focuses on all the physical solutions for preventing the spread of the disease, such as regular intensive hand-washing, wearing face masks, covering your nose and mouth when sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs as well as avoiding anyone showing symptoms of the disease. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can also help by washing any potential virus cells from the mouth down to the stomach where stomach acids act to kill the infected cells before they even have the chance to spread to the lungs and other parts of the body.

The stress response

Even if all the physical precautions are taken there is no guarantee that you will not catch Coronavirus. On top of all that there is also the stress, all the mass hysteria in the media and the panic buying in stores is putting upon us psychologically at the fear of catching and dealing with the implications of this little-understood disease. Stress by its very nature produces chemicals in the body which has a direct impact on how well your immune system works, as well as how well your body fends off and deals with infectious diseases. Stress essentially slows down the healing process, increasing the susceptibility to new infections and can also activate old infections that have laid dormant within the body.

Bearing all this in mind it is important to reduce your mental stress in order to minimize the impact of any disease or infection. The same is true of the Coronavirus, you can take all the physical precautions, but this only goes so far in limiting any potential impact on your health. You have to also arm yourself mentally if you are to ensure the strongest defense against this virus and the best recovery possible, if in the worst-case scenario, should you become infected. All of this can be achieved with our 741Hz - Detox Your Body album.

Reducing Stress

Everyday problems and stresses can also take their toll on our ability to function properly and even our ability to recover from illness and heal ourselves naturally. Meditation has long been used as a means to calm the mind and remove the stress of every day by focusing on yourself in the present moment and letting your worries come and then go whilst focusing on your breathing and just sitting at the moment with a clear head. Ahead of free of your worries and the everyday noise of life. This has been known to have positive implications not only for our state of mind but also for our overall health and well-being because it enables us to remove any negative influence our thoughts can have on our body's primary functions. Meditation with our album 741Hz - Detox Your Body, quite literally puts you in tune with yourself and can help you maintain a balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Beta Waves and Alpha Waves

During waking hours the most dominant brain waves are Beta Waves. They are present when we are alert, engaged in problem-solving, decision making or when we are focused on mental activity. When we are in this state, our body and mind are in STRESS mode which is good for a specific amount of time, but only if we counter it with REST! Understandably it is not good for us to be in a constant state of stress, like so many of us are in this chaotic modern world we all live in. This is why it is important to meditate and to rest as much as possible, whenever we can make time to do so. 

This is where Alpha Waves can help us. Alpha Waves are dominant during those quiet moments when we have flowing thoughts and in some meditative states. With Alpha Waves we are in the present, being here, feeling “The Power of Now”. Alpha is a resting state of the brain, acting as a counter-balance for the Beta Waves Stress state we experience in our everyday consciousness. Whilst we are in this state our brain is particularly good at automatically setting task sequences in a more effective way. Alpha Waves help us to balance the Beta Waves Stress state and some of the key benefits include:

  • Overall mental coordination
  • Calmness
  • Conscious alertness
  • Body/Mind integration 
  • Increase learning effectiveness

By eliminating stress we can think clearer and can become more rounded, wholesome and productive individuals. This by its very nature has a positive impact on our overall health too in mind and body.

Frequency healing

Meditation can clearly help maintain a calm state of mind and by implication creates the best conditions for combating the Coronavirus by lessening the impact of the symptoms and facilitating a healthy recovery if necessary. However, with the use of the correct sound waves and frequencies as well, we can take this a step further. 

The frequencies known as the ‘Solfeggio Frequencies’ are believed to have been the original frequencies that were used by Gregorian Monks as they meditated. The chants were based on six notes; 396Hz, 417Hz, 528hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, and 852Hz. These frequencies invoke deep emotional reactions that are not always within our control. They are essentially a means of drawing out emotional responses that are important and should be addressed if we are to remain fit and healthy. The frequencies cause resonance in the DNA and a process of Healing begins The older and weaker cells are destroyed and newer, stronger cells are created. 


Similar to listening to Alpha Waves, by listening to our album 741Hz - Detox Your Body during meditation you can benefit from the healing power of sound. Like all healing soundwaves, the 741 Hz frequency is known for its ability to penetrate deeply into the conscious and subconscious mind. Although this frequency is known for its ability to free you of emotional restrictions in life, it is also very beneficial for helping remove toxins and electromagnetic radiation from your cells. In doing so this frequency can cleanse your cells from viral, bacterial and fungal infections. This makes regular listening of 741 Hz a crucial tool in your arsenal against the current health threat we all face in the form of the Coronavirus.

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