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The Shaman Within - Shamanic Music

Sefy Tofan

The Shaman Within - Shamanic Music

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The Shaman Within - Shamanic Music:

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” ― Kahlil Gibran

In today's world, we all need our tools to achieve less stress and gain a better life. This Shamanic Music Will Help with Deep Sleep, Relaxation, to release stress and anxiety. 


 The word "Trance" comes from the Latin word "Transire" meaning to cross over. The old Shamans used to Cross over to the underworld, where is it you ask yourself? In today's modern world we know that there is the known meaning the conscious mind and the unknown meaning the unconsciousness mind or the underworld.

Another word to Trance state can be Altered states of consciousness, and what exactly does it mean you ask? When we change the brainwaves pattern in our brain from Beta (Daily stressful life) to Alpha (Relaxation) / Theta (Dreaming) / Delta (Deep Dreamless sleep), we change the state of our consciousness and entering into an altered state.

In the Trance state, this Meditation Music or Shamanic Music Album will take you, you will change your Brainwaves Patterns, and you may achieve a different state of consciousness, each will suit your inner needs, maybe you need to let go of stress or maybe you need to let go of repressed emotions? you can get into the state you need by just playing this music will practicing your Meditation.


Dive into the Silence between Thoughts, 
Dive even Deeper Into the World of the Unknown, 
The world from which everything Manifest. 

This Shamanic Music Was designed to change your brain waves, Into theta waves (a dream-like state) where the rational mind is asleep, giving you the opportunity to dive without any blocks into the unconsciousness, into the Self. 

The Shamanic Music Comes In High-Quality MP3 Format

High-Quality Shamanic Music Means Your Brain Becoming Much more Complex While hearing and absorbing this Music, More Electricity Moving in your Brain, meaning Deeper Quality of Meditation Practice.

Dive deep into the Journey, find your inner awareness, your true self, 

Enjoy this Shamanic Music!


Each Track is 1 Hour.

That's 5:00 Hours of Shamanic Meditation Music! 

Track List:

1 · Travel Through Space
2 · Shamanic Drumming Journey
3 · How Deep Can We Dive
4 · The Shaman Within
5 · Ancient Mongolia


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