Mala Beads - Pink Natural Stone "The Monk" - healing-waves
Mala Beads - Pink Natural Stone "The Monk" - healing-waves
Mala Beads - Pink Natural Stone "The Monk" - healing-waves

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Mala Beads - Natural Stone "The Monk"

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Mala Beads - Natural Stone "The Monk":

Are you a regular practitioner of yoga or meditation? Do you oftentimes get too distracted by your own thoughts? Consider then if Mala Beads can be the tactile guidance you need.

Mala Beads, also known as yoga prayer beads or Buddhist beads, are a type of yoga jewelry used to strengthen your meditation practice. But they're also much more than that. Each Mala Prayer necklace brings a plethora of benefits, not only your yoga practice but to your life as a whole as well.

Mala Beads - Pink Natural Stone "The Monk" - healing-waves

Mala Beads can enable your mind to become one-pointed, i.e. focused and direct, which as you might know is a highly valuable quality to have when involved with spirituality.

As any experienced meditator or intelligent being would tell you, our psychological monkey minds have crazy lives of their own. Most people do not consciously notice and know this, chiefly because they are so identified as that very mental process instead of the silent witness of it all.

It is precisely here where the Mala Beads shine, as they allow your mind to become focused by aligning your conscious attention and tactile sensations with meaningful words, sounds or breaths.

Furthermore, Mala Beads have often in Yogic and Buddhist practices, since the 9-10th century at least, functioned as a kind of aid that helps the seeker, monk or disciple to attain to higher truths about themselves and reality.

Mala Beads - Pink Natural Stone "The Monk" - healing-waves

Some of the Mala Beads Benefits:

  • Mala Beads can help you become focused by taming your monkey-mind and enhancing your self-awareness.
  • Can help your pranayama practice by slowing down respiration, which in turn can lead to overall health and wellbeing.
  • Can be healing depending on what material the beads are made out of and your own unique relationship with it.
  • Can potentially cleanse the “108 marma points” in your body.
  • Can replace negative thought patterns with positive ones through Japa mantric meditation.
  • Can help you stick to your sense of purpose in life by teaching you to stay disciplined, humble and adherent to practice.Mala Beads - Pink Natural Stone "The Monk" - healing-wavesMala Beads - Pink Natural Stone "The Monk" - healing-waves


  • Material: natural stone crystal
  •  Number of Beads: 108.
    • Beads size 6 mm

Stone In the Mala Beads:

  • Garnet
Package included:
  • 1 x Mala Beads - Natural Stone


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