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9 Effective Ways to Develop Self-Empowerment

Do you ever feel that you have no control over your life and work?

Are you frustrated when you don’t have control over your personal and professional life?

Is it possible to wipe out this feeling of incapability with self-empowerment?

By the end of this article, we will learn how we develop ourselves and emerge as empowered individuals!


What is Self-Empowerment?

Self-empowerment means an individual is in control of his or her life and views the trials they face in life in a positive way. It’s also about building self-esteem and confidence. And with the right kind of motivation, a person can be empowered to have a happier and more successful life. Sometimes, it is frustrating that we don’t have control over our personal and professional life. However, it is possible to wipe out this feeling of incapability with self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment is all about loving yourself and taking charge of your life. It allows you to accept your strengths and weaknesses; achieve inner peace. If you see the meaning of empowerment. It means giving freedom or power to perform certain tasks. Thus, on a similar line, self-empowerment is all about gaining knowledge about oneself. It means understanding your inner self, power, and administering your life. And to do so, you need to believe and trust yourself.

Why Being Self-Empowered Is Important?

  • When you’re self-empowered, you can get a lot of meaningful things done. In turn, you can become confident in yourself and healthier in mind and body. Beyond being able to exercise and eat well, you can get things done in less time. With more free time, you can get more rest, which is a very crucial component of good health.
  • One of the most important areas where self-empowerment can be beneficial is in your relationships. When you’re empowered, you don’t rely on other people’s acceptance and validation. Instead, you’re a very emotionally secure person. When you’re an empowered person, you can accomplish a lot of important things, especially in your job or business.
  • When you can do that, you can climb the ladder of corporate or achieve entrepreneurial success much faster. when you’re highly confident in your ability to get things done, you’ll have a much easier time impressing people who play an important role in your success and the opportunities that come your way, too. These may be your colleagues, bosses, or customers.

How do you Develop Self-Empowerment?

1. Build self-appreciation. Self-esteem that’s based on external achievements doesn’t last! Take a personal inventory of your good qualities. Often what you hate blinds you to your great attributes.

Set goals for yourself. In professional or personal life, setting goals is a great medium for self-empowerment. It is a perfect roadmap to your success. With this practice, you have a deadline for achieving your goals at the right time. Create the perfect atmosphere and choose a goal that is reasonable. The thoughts that you had pushed away thinking about its impossibility. Then, embrace them yet again and rest assured, the higher the goal, the higher the performance will be!

2. Develop a new mindset and create a positive atmosphere. When you have a willingness to expand and grow as a human being, you cultivate a new mindset. Think about your current dominant thoughts, habits, and beliefs. Are they serving you in a positive manner or negative one? Cultivate a new mindset so you can acknowledge that you have control of your mind, not the other way around.

A positive atmosphere is very necessary for achieving self-empowerment. Negativity can come around from anywhere, right from friends, family to colleagues. And they give you nothing but a feeling of disheartening. But you must have a positive mindset. Meet people with positive energy, read books that impart an important lesson, listen to music that inspires. With this, you’ll stay happy and your mental health will stay enhanced.

Let go of negative people. We absorb other people’s negativity. That’s why it’s good to avoid the negative or toxic ones who bring you down and make you feel like you’re not capable.

3. Be truthful and trust others and yourself. Trust is the quality that propels you forward toward being a better decision-maker. Make your choices and stick with them. Trust your own judgment and ability to decide. Having trust involves having faith in the self-empowerment process, as well as in the process of life. Trusting others allows you to let go of worry, doubt, and dread.

When you lie, you feel guilty. Guilt leads to shame. Shame leads to feelings of worthlessness. Honesty is really the best policy when it comes to self-empowerment. Don’t treat yourself any differently than you treat others. Be truthful with yourself.

4. Recognized what you got. To see who you are, you must see what you got. Recognition is about what, who, when, and where you give your power. Once you recognize your own abilities in this disempowering process, you can achieve self-empowerment. Identify and embrace the gifts and talents you possess. Don’t wait on the world to acknowledge these attributes; you may be in for a wait.

5. Control how you speak. When anxious, you may talk faster. Consciously slowing down and enunciating words offers more control and allows leeway for speeding up if emotions kick in. Managing your pace and enunciating words controls emotions, which helps you feel more confident and sound more serious! Your voice may go higher when you’re frustrated or nervous.

6. Embrace imperfect moments. The most empowered path to success comes through your experiences of failure. The late Mary Tyler Moore famously said, “You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.” Empowerment is most deeply cultivated during times of challenge. Failure and uncertainty are necessary structures for you to bump up against for the development of your own refinement. Without failure, you would have nothing to improve upon. Choose to evolve rather than dissolve under pressure. Your imperfect moments provide the perfect trajectory for your growth up the mountain of success you’re climbing.

Take responsibility for your thoughts. It’s YOUR choice to adopt criticism from others as YOUR perception of who you are. Allowing criticism from others to rule your thoughts reflects in your behavior.

7. Never stop learning. Learning doesn’t end after you leave school. The world continues to change, and if you want to keep up and succeed, you need to learn new things. By “always be learning”, it doesn’t just mean learning from your passive experiences. It also means proactive learning, i.e., intentional or purposeful learning. If you rely on learning from passive experiences, you’re dependent on the things that may happen in your life. If nothing happens or if meaningful learning experiences rarely happen, you won’t consistently grow in knowledge.

8. Assess your progress. Reflect on your experiences as you work on accomplishing your goal. Keep in mind that- more often than not- the impact you desire will not come to fruition immediately. Persistence is the key to achieving any long-term, meaningful results. Knowing your challenges and shortcomings can equip you to deal with any failures along the way without sacrificing your growing confidence. When you fall short, reflect on what went wrong, recognize that you’re a human, adjust your strategy accordingly, and try again. When you experience a tangible result related to your goal that reflects a positive impact on your life, celebrate!

Realizing impactful results in your journey to self-empowerment takes work. Finding self-confidence, setting, and working toward a goal, and evaluating your progress are all necessary steps in achieving long-term results and repeated success. When you encounter setbacks or your confidence takes a hit, remember that the rewards you’ll reap from self-empowerment will far outweigh the hardships you experience along the way.

9. Practice self-love and empowerment through meditation. There is plenty of research to be found that suggests that meditation can help to increase self-confidence since it helps us to live more fully by embracing the moment and re-frames our relationship to suffering. Before we’re able to offer up kindness to the world, we must first support and love ourselves, so start to practice kindness towards yourself.

Meditate daily for 10 minutes - A study reflected that meditation infuses positivity and compassion among individuals. And while on the path of self-empowerment, it is very important to shower love on your family and friends. Moreover, meditation forms the perfect backdrop to keep stress at bay. When you feel light in mind and heart, then your capability of learning becomes easy. An intense state of meditation increases your problem-solving skill. It also helps in increasing your inspiration and motivation. It maintains your physical health as well by strengthening your immune system. All these aspects will help you achieve victory as well as empowerment. 


“Be happy with who you are and what you do, and you can do anything you want.”
Steve Maraboli


To live an empowered life of great significance be open to possibility, cooperation, education, success, and understanding that success is not a one-man job. Love what you do so deeply that you are able to include others in your dream and empower them in their success. Love what you do so deeply that there will be no roadblock or hardship that will take you from your desired direction. Empowerment means that you don’t crumble under failure. You make the conscious choice to grow from the pressure to evolve yourself to that next level.


 How do you help yourself feel more empowered?

Share your ideas with us by commenting below. 


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